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Light Brush!
[ Release : 09/12/18 ] [ Version : 1.0.0 ]

*- Photography tips

*- Recommended Cameras
You can take a great picture if you have following digital SLR cameras.

Manufacturer Product name
NIKON D Series
SONY alpha Series
Panasonic G1

There are also compact digital cameras with a sufficient performance.
Manufacturer Product name
Panasonic All models can set the shutter time to more than 60 seconds
CANON All models can set the shutter time to more than 15 seconds
RICOH All models can set the shutter time to more than 8 seconds

Good(30 seconds) :
FinePix S200EXR, FinePix S100FS
Better(8 seconds):
FinePix F Series, FinePix S1500
FinePix J Series, A Series


Good(30 seconds) :
Better(8 seconds):

SONY Good(30 seconds) :
※ If your camera model is not on the list, please check the shutter speed.
Your camera is suitable for this application
if you can set the shutter time for more than 8 seconds.

*- How to use

This is an application to draw the light pictures
when taking photographs.

- A camera that can set the shutter speed to more than 8 seconds
- A camera stand
- "LightBrush!"
- Dark room

0. Provide a camera that can set the shutter speed slow.
1. Set the room dark and focuses the camera to the subject.
The recommended distance between the camera and the subject is about 1 meter.
2. Press the shutter of the camera and
touch "Draw!" button of the "LightBrush!".
3. Move the iPhone screen in front of the camera
from the sound navigation of the "LightBrush!".
4. When the "LightBrush!" finishes,
close the camera shutter and check the photograph.

※ If you have trouble taking the pictures that you want,
adjust the camera settings and the brightness of the room.
Try a few times to get used to it!

Promotion movie

*- Screen information

"LightBrush!" consists from four screens.

Main screen
This screen manages the brush drawing order.
Set the brush in displaying order and touch "Draw!" button to start drawing.

Brush setting screen
Configure brush color, shape, display time, and repeat count.

Brush selection screen
Select the brush shape from the list.

Color selection screen
Select the brush color from the list.

*- Details of the main screen

1. Preset selection
Preset is a set of prepared brushes.
Try presets first to check the features of "LightBrush!".

Set1-1 Basic Brush 1
This is the set of brushes to draw the most basic lines.
Set1-2 Garden
Beautifully decorate the screen by
placing the colorful flowers.
You can create your own garden.

Set1-3 Letters
Of course, "LightBrush!" can write letters!
Express the current feeling in words.

Set1-4 Basic Stamp 1
This is the set of stamp brushes that can be placed easily.
Set2-1 Basic Brush 2
This is the set of brushes to draw the most basic lines.
Set2-2 Christmas
Make Christmas decorations.
Place snow, stars, Moon, jewels, and wrap the entire with the mall.
Set2-3 Music
Rhythmic notes create the joyous concert.
Astonishing song may be created!

Set2-4 Basic Stamp 2
This is the set of stamp brushes that can be placed easily.
Set3-1 Halloween
Scatter pumpkins, bats, and playing card marks.
Finally draw a dubious light around the screen.
Set3-2 Footprints
Draw footprints in the air.
Draw right foot and left foot alternately.
Set3-3 Face
Draw right eye, left eye, nose, mouth, and outline of the face.
Fun will be the face of what has been built.
Set3-4 Fairies
Fairies come on to your hand.
Make your own fantastic scenery.

User set 1
You can save your favorite set to user sets 1-4.
User set 2
You can save your favorite set to user sets 1-4.
User set 3
You can save your favorite set to user sets 1-4.
User set 4
You can save your favorite set to user sets 1-4.

2. Display mode and brush lists
There are 9 brushes in a brush list, and "Draw!" button lets you start drawing.
Display mode "Solo": display the selected brush.
Display mode "Multiple": display the brushes in the arrowed order.

Double-tap the brush or tap on the "Edit" button to move the brush setting screen.
Settings: Brush color, bush type, display time, additional counts.
(Modified brush settings are saved automatically.)

3. "Save the brush set" and "Reset the brush set"
"Save the brush set" opens a dialog to choose where to save.
You can copy the brush setting to one of the user set 1-4.
"Reset the brush set" resets the currently selected preset to its initial state.
If the user set is selected, then it returns back to the saved setting.

*- Details of the brush setting screen

In this screen, you can modify the brush selected from the brush list.

Brush setting
- Turn the brush on/off
Select whether or not to use the brush.
Select Color
Pick a color from the color selection screen.
Edit brush
Choose a brush shape from the brush selection screen.
Display Time
Set the display time of the brush.
time where the brush size changes from 0% to 100%.
time where the brush size maintains 100%.
time where the brush size changes from 100% to 0%.
Time to wait before you see the following brush.

*- Example of taking a picture using Canon EOS series

0. Location to take the pictures
Turn off the light and allow the room to be dark.
Let the door open and allow small amount of light to enter the room.
Adjust the amount of light by the position of the door.

1. Default camera settings
You can take fantastic pictures if you learn some camera operations!
Set the dial to manual "M", and set the shutter speed to "BULB".
(It is easy to take pictures if you have a remote control for shutter.)
Set ISO sensitivity to 100; increasing this value makes the picture brighter.
Set F value about 10; decreasing this value makes the picture brighter.
Increasing F value makes the picture darker, but it lets the picture to focus easier.
Adjust the brightness by suitably setting ISO sensitivity and F value.


2. Trial picture taking
Start "LightBrush!" and select the preset that you want to use.
Position the camera and the subject, and press the shutter button on the camera.
Tap "Draw!" button of "LightBrush!" to start drawing, placing the camera referring the sound guidance.
(If you can't press the camera shutter button, set the lens focus to manual.)

3. Adjust the brightness
How did it turn out?
If it has turned out well, the subject and "LightBrush!" pictures are combined beautifully.
If it is too bright or too dark, adjust the brightness in the following way.
First, open the door a little more to let the light enter more.
You can also adjust the brightness by adjusting the camera ISO sensitivity from 100 to 200 or 400.
If it still doesn't turn out well, also decrease the F value.

4. Retake the picture
Take the picture again after you have changed the settings.
If it does turns out well, you will be succeeded.
If it still doesn't turn out well, change the settings and retry.

5. Tips on placing the iPhone drawings inside the picture
It is easier to understand the picture range if you place landmark objects.
Try scattering lines and patterns around the subject.

6. Finally adjust the brightness and contrast using a PC.


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