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Ninja Words Adventure
[ Release:10/09/09 ] [ Version:1.1.3 (12/02/26) ]

A quiz RPG to learn Japanese Kanji with pleasure!
Recommended to Kanji fan English readers.

Game Introduction.
  What is "Ninja Words Adventure"?
  The battle against mysterious Ninjas!
  Win the battle and get "Spell Balls"!
  Defeat strong Ninjas with special skills!

Spell Ball hints information
  Spell Balls list.[Rank1]
  Spell Balls list.[Rank2]
  Special Skill hints.
* What is "Ninja Words Adventure"? *
*** Word Quiz RPG ***

For the Japanese readers, this is also
a great game to learn English words naturally.
Try and experience the amazing speed that
you learn new English words.

[Player Turn] 
*** Advance the story! ***

A boy called Sky is a Ninja fan who came over from USA.
His objective is to enter the Ninja school in Japan.

Sky gets picked up by a girl called Ayame,
who is a far relative of him.
In fact, Ayame is a senior student of the Ninja school too.
They have decided to go to the Ninja school together.

However, a serious trouble has happened at the Ninja school.
Sky and Ayame have started their journey to solve the trouble.

*** The battle against mysterious Ninjas! ***

Enemy Ninjas appear on the way of the journey.
Fight against them using the item "Spell Ball",
which has the Ninja skill inside.

[ What are Spell Balls? ]
To use a "Spell Ball", you need to answer
the English word that the Kanji means.
It is possible to attack when you answer correctly.

The "Skill Ball" that enemies use appears as English words.
You can defend it by answering the correct Kanji of the word.

[Player Turn]
[Enemy Turn] 
*** Win the battle and get "Spell Balls"! ***

When you win the battle, you learn Ninja skills
that the enemy used as "Spell Balls".
(You won't learn it unless you answer the question correctly)

Special skills you can get at the first stage.
Spell Balls list.[Rank1]
Spell Balls list.[Rank2]
[Spell Balls List] 
*** Defeat strong Ninjas with special skills! ***

As the story progress, you get special Ninja skills,
which activate by combining 2 or more "Spell Balls".
Defeat strong enemy bosses by activating special Ninja skills.

Special skills you can get at the first stage.
Special Skill hints.
[Special Skill] 
[Special Skill] 
*** Comical characters ***

There are many comical characters,
including the main characters, Sky and Ayame.
Their comical action performs entertaining
event scenes inside the story.

*** Challenge for the world ranking ***

The experience points that you earn from winning
the battles are counted as the score.
Compete the score against people around the world.

There are various achievements too.
Aim for the full complete of the achievement cups.

* "PANKIA" implementation! *
PANKIA is a network service to let you enjoy
world rankings and achievements.
Registration to PANKIA is necessary to play the game.
Of course, it's a free service!


*** Screen Shot ***

[Player Turn]
[Enemy Turn] 
[Special Skill]
[Special Skill]
[Special Skills List] 


What's New in Verson 1.1.3(12/02/26)
- Updated "PANKIA".

What's New in Verson 1.1.2(11/10/20)
- Bug fixed.

What's New in Verson 1.1.1(10/11/17)
- Bug fixed.

What's New in Verson 1.1(10/09/16)
- Bug fixed.


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