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Chips Flick
[ Release:10/10/08 ] [ Version:1.1.6 (12/06/21) ]


Please help the Chips Factory!
Your job is to remove bad chips flowing.

* Play the Lite version first
Lite version 'Chips Flick'
There are only few differences between
the Lite version and the Standard version.
Lite version is enough for the light players.
Standard version 'Chips Factory'
- No advertisements.
- "HARD" mode is added to produce chips quickly.
Other than that, it is the same to Lite version.

* Game Contents
This is a game to help the production of
potato chips in the Chips Factory.

Continuously remove bad chips
flowing through the conveyer.

Packs of chips which you have made will be
piled up towards the sky after each game.

The packs are piled up whenever you play.
World attractions will be displayed
when you reach the certain height.
Aim at the world's best height!

Your job can be finished anytime.
Pile up little by little, without overdoing it.

* Easy Controls
You can move chips easily by tap and flick.
Chips can be controlled very sensuously.

* Challenge the World Ranking

The application supports OpenFeint.
Compete the best height with the other players.

World attractions are prepared as achievements.
Try to collect all the world attractions.

What's New in Verson 1.1.6(12/06/21)
- Changed an app name.

What's New in Verson 1.1.5(11/10/08)
- Bug fixed.

What's New in Verson 1.1.4(11/09/27)
- Bug fixed.

What's New in Verson 1.1.3(11/08/02)
- Changed a screen layout.

What's New in Verson 1.1.2(11/07/14)
- Change the advertisement to iAd.

What's New in Verson 1.1.1(10/11/17)
- Bug fixed.

What's New in Verson 1.1.0(10/10/08)
- Fixed Advertisement bug.
- Fixed Application Icon.
- Fixed system bugs.


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