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[ Release:10/05/14 ] [ Version:1.0.9 (13/11/28) ]

Distribution of "Nobikuma" was ended.

* Now displaying pictures at the gallery page! *

Make the lovely animals stretch.

Let's enjoy "Nobikuma" life together!
Make the lovely animals stretch.
Send your favorite photographs to everyone.

Due to campaign, the application costs $0.99.

What do you use "Nobikuma" for?
Stretch and relax!
Let's play with a mysterious animal "Nobikuma"!

Dress them up with clothes and take photographs.
Let "Nobikuma" appear in your blog!

Stretch time!
You can stretch "Nobikuma".
Their movement looks entertaining.

There are "Nobikuma"(bear), "Nobineko"(cat) and "Nobiinu"(dog).
They become happy when you stretch them!

Fun and smartly!
Nobikuma loves fashion!
Help them dress up when you get new clothes.

There are various items in the shop.
Dress them up in various ways!

Take them to many places.
The background photograph can be changed.
You can take them to the sea, the flower garden.

You can also use your own photographs.
Take lovely pictures with "Nobikuma"

Munch and touch!
Nobikuma becomes hungry after several hours.
Feed them when they ask you.

They release items and hearts when you touch them after their meal.
Something good might happen by collecting hearts!

Decide a pose, and say cheese!
Place "Nobikuma", attach a frame and a message,
take a pose, and say cheese!

Send your original photographs to your friends.
Come and look at our "Nobikuma" gallery.

Let's play with "Nobikuma".

* Notices
You can also decorate pictures using iPod Touch.
The pictures made by "Nobikuma" resizes to 320*480 pixels,
which are handy for sending by emails.
You can turn on/off the music from the option button of the information screen.


What's New in Verson 1.0.9(13/11/28)
- It supported iOS7.
  In iOS7, the line that I can input into a blowoff becomes one line

What's New in Verson 1.0.8(11/06/06)
- When, by main body setting I prohibit it from the purchase The alert of the blank is displayed It supported malfunction.

What's New in Verson 1.0.7(10/08/30)
- Fixed the position of the input window of the message window in iOS4.

What's New in Verson 1.0.6(10/08/19)
- When the home button was pushed,the ending processing was added.

What's New in Verson 1.0.5(10/08/03)
- It now supports iOS4.
- Bug fixed.

What's New in Verson 1.0.4(10/06/22)
- Added 10 hearts and 3 items as a problem apology.
- FIFA World Cup Campaign. Added referee items.
- Some free items added.

What's New in Verson 1.0.3(10/06/14)
- Added "What's New" at the information screen.
- Now it is possible to save BGM setting.
  You can load the program while playing your own music.
- The number of hearts is now recorded properly.

What's New in Verson 1.0.2(10/05/28)
- Correction of information.
- It now accepts landscape pictures.
- Item selection has become easier.

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Distribution of "Nobikuma" was ended.


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