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ARMS ROAD II Bagration
[ Release:10/11/18 ] [ Version:1.0.3 (13/12/16) ]

[ Attention about the save data restoration for Ver.1.0.3]

Roars of irons returned back to the Eastern Front!

Game introduction
What is ARMS ROAD?

New systems

Organize the military unit
Use anti-craft weapons
Participating weapons
German AFV
Soviet Union AFV
Collaborated with an artist Shoichi Matsushima.
Theme tune

What is ARMS ROAD?

It is the hardcore defense game that imaged
the Eastern Front of World War II.
This is the second series to follow
from "ARMS ROAD Eastern Front".

New systems are added to improve game characteristics,
with the refreshing bombardment action.

Added weapons that do not appear in
the previous series to both forces.

The war "ARMS ROAD II Bagration" now on sale!

〈 War situation 〉

In 1944, a fierce battle between the German armed forces and Soviet Union force is developed on the huge Russian field.

"Operation Bagration" has begun in the summer by the Soviet Union force.

Against the Soviet Union force with the overwhelming amount of resources, the only option left for the German force is to defend the place with the help of a little reinforcement.

The Eastern Front was collapsing in many places, and the defeat of Germany was going to be determined.

With this war situation, you must make full use of limited war potential and defend the position of the German armed forces.

〈 Tactics 〉

It is necessary to utilize the power of the tanks and the self-propelled guns effectively to defend the position.

Destroy enemy tanks by AP bullets (Armor Piercing).
There is no effect to use the machine gun or HE bullets (High-Explosive) against thick armored tanks.

HE bullets (High-Explosive) are effective against enemy foot soldiers.
Sweep the enemy who approached the position with the machine gun.

The offence of the Soviet Union force is reinforced each day, but you can get powerful new weapons when you survive.

You can prevent the march of Heavy Armed tanks by setting powerful tanks.

You need 88mm guns of Tiger tanks and Jagdpanthers to be opposed to new tanks of the enemy such as the IS-2 tanks.

Enemy tanks aim our tanks too.
You will lose your precious tanks when you don't destroy enemy tanks before they destroy us.
Don't forget that the battlefield is always severe.

Organize the military unit

The conduct of the position defense is left to you.
Get powerful weapons by funds you won and organize tank corps.

You can fight with 4 corps at the same time.
Each corps can have 4 tanks maximum.

You can't set different weapons in the same military unit.
If you want to use a tank, organizes a military unit only by tanks.

Shoot down enemy air raiders with anti-crafts.

It is necessary to protect the position from the aerial bombardment of the air raider.
Oppose them by setting anti-craft weapons in the position.

To change the weapon between the machine gun and the antiaircraft weapon, switch the button on the lower left screen.
Make sure you change to the antiaircraft gun when enemy planes come.

Only anti-craft tanks can attack enemy planes.

Collaborated with an artist Shoichi Matsushima.

A newly written musical piece offered by a musician Shoichi Matsushima.

* Shoichi Matsushima (Official Blog)

* Profile
A guitarist of KODAMA CENTRAL STATION, a J-FUNK band.
Regardless of genres, he participates actively in many bands, recordings,
lives and compositions.

* Past costarring artists
TERU(GLAY), Tamio Okuda, Rei Atsumi、Ace shimizu,
Takehiko Kogure, Hiro Yuuki, Youhei Izumi, Fumihiro Nanamiya, RAREZA, etc.

What's New in Verson 1.0.3(13/12/16)
Modification from version 1.0.2
- We fixed a bug to be out of the position of the touch. (iPhone5 or iPhone5s with iOS7)
- We added a function to restore the save data bound with OpenFeint.
  When preservation data exist, an attention button is displayed by a title screen.
  When you decide processing after choice in OpenFeintId,
  You can restore the save data at the time of OpenFeint.

********** Attention about the save data restoration **********
- This function can restore save data when I used OpenFeint. However,
  the current save data become extinct.
-The save data are bound by GameCenter account.
  When you do not use GameCenter, it is bound with nothing,
  but GameCenter is not available to the save data at the time of the use.

What's New in Verson 1.0.2(13/12/03)
- Removed the OpenFeint.
  Added the Game Center.

What's New in Verson 1.0.1(11/09/27)
- Bug fixed.


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