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AE NightVision
[ Release:10/08/11 ] [ Version:1.0.2 (10/11/17) ]

Distribution of "AE NightVision" was ended.

* Now displaying pictures at the gallery page! *

Make nightscope-like images with easy steps.
Dark images become bright, bright images become night-like.

The first AE series, "Night Vision" has appeared!

* Comfortable Operation
The image changes in real time when you turn the jog.
Furthermore, you can trim the picture by pinch operation.
Comfortable response with sensuous usability is implemented.

* Various amplification effects
Not only brightening the image,
you can also enjoy various effects by changing the type.
A type: Amplifies the color image.
B type: Becomes the black-and-white image with strong contrast.
C type: Becomes the black-and-white image with raised brightness.
D type: Amplifies the color image with negative-positive inversion.
E type: Becomes black-and-white image with negative-positive inversion.

* Change the impression with color filters
You can perform various situations with color filters.
Red: The first generation infrared irradiation method
Green: The second generation visible light amplification method
Grey: The third generation infrared amplification method
Blue: Emphasizes the night atmosphere
Orange: Image of the military electronic equipment

* Change the mood by displaying frames
You can change the mood by the decoration frames
of the night vision device.
None: No frame
Gauge: The finder of the night vision device
Black gauge: Suitable for bright images
Scope: The aim of the night vision device
Black scope: Suitable for bright images

* Saving pictures with high resolution
The pictures save with high resolution,
providing potential for various uses.
Image: 1024x768
Email, Twitter: 800x600

* Sending pictures by Twitter, emails
You can send your images by Twitter and emails,
as well as saving them normally.


What's New in Verson 1.0.2(10/11/17)
- Bug fixed.

What's New in Verson 1.0.1(10/08/26)
- Corrected the icon image.
- Corrected the screenshots.

Distribution of "AE NightVision" was ended.


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