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Amz3D MJ-12
[ Release:10/07/31 ] [ Version:1.0.2 (10/11/17) ]

Distribution of "Amz3D MJ-12" was ended.
* It all depends on your activity!

Our organization "SZ Research" is the secret engine that investigates the information of the alien.

Right now, we are in a difficult situation by the interference of the authorities,
so we have decided to provide alien investigation tool "Amz3DMJ-12" to you through an absolutely confidential route.

We want you to download this application immediately,
and take the photographs taking contact with alien and want to inform the surprising truth to the world.

* Amazing features of this tool!

This tool can completely reproduce the moment of the encounter with the alien.
Place the alien model inside pictures, and reproduce the real situation.

The alien can move inside the picture.
It reproduces the live sense at the time of the encounter faithfully.

* To master this tool!

First of all, I want you to check our reproduction data in "Files".
You would be surprised by our documents about the alien.
We want you to get used to the operation while watching them.

The next is your turn to make your original alien information.
The setting of the AR view is the key to success, and we believe that you can master it immediately.

* Contacting the alien!

Alien can move and rotate in the edit mode.
Move them as you like in the screen.
They will resize according to the depth of the picture.
It looks as if there is real alien inside!

* Get the best moment!

You can capture the data in the camera mode, and convert them as pictures or movies.
Tap on objects to take the best moment.

Movies are saved as GIF animations.
You can select from either large size for iPhones and PCs (Mov),
or small size for mobile phones (Mov s).


* Announce the evidence to the world!

You can transmit information with Twitter and emails.
Take many pictures and announce this serious information to the world.

The hash tags are "#mj12" & "#amz3d".


* Alien and UFOs that are confirmed now

- Grey
- 3m high alien
- Martian
- Captured alien
- Trench coat man
- Adamski type UFO
- Cigar type UFO


What's New in Verson 1.0.2(10/11/17)
- Bug fixed.

What's New in Verson 1.0.1(10/08/26)
- Corrected the icon image.


Promotion movie


*** Super important secret matter ***
The story of this application is a fiction.
It has nothing to do with the real people, groups, or alien.

Distribution of "Amz3D MJ-12" was ended.


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